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Talk about your psalms, talk about John 3:16… Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!

If we could programme in the sound of glass smashing as soon as you set your eyes on this review we would. Without a doubt, the most iconic sports entertainer the wrestling world has ever produced is now here in glorious 6″ form as part of Bandai’s Tamashii Nations WWE figure line and it may just prove to be the number one contender for best representation of the Texas Rattlesnake.


• 6″ Stone Cold Steve Austin figure

• 3 Total sets of hands

• 4 Total head sculpts

• 2 Beer can accessories with foam spray detailing


SCULPT – 9/10

Bandai’s sculpts often leave very little to desire across their range of figure’s but SHFiguarts in particular enjoy a very high level of finish and the is no different. The sculpt on all 4 head sculpts give a solid variety of expressions and recognisability as the Texas Rattlesnake but this also extends right across the figure and the accessories too. The facial sculpting of SHFiguarts really does set the bar high for the 6″inch market and it allows the figure to take on a far more substantial place in any collection.


The sculpting of the accessories is spot on too as we often find that 6″ extra’s are lacking in any depth due to their small nature making the process less cost-effective to spend that extra time at the manufacturing stage to add detailing. Here, the beer cans and subsequent spraying out of shaken beverage is a really neat touch to enhance the figures appeal. There’s never going to be a “perfect” sculpt, (well I mean not unless it’s coming from Hot Toys and of course you’d be paying for it) but for this scale I do think that this is the definite representation.



Unlike most figures that we review in the 6″ scale, there’s very little here where paint application comes into play with black being the primary detailing on the iconic jacket, knee braces and boots. Where this figure really comes into its own however, is in its tonal skin shading especially on the facial sculpts.

Most figures when dealing with skin tones opt for a blanket coverage of a single shade but this figure goes the extra mile to pick up on the more subtle changes in the tone of the skin around the Rattlesnakes facial features which instantly elevates this head and should about the rest. This attention to detail really plays into Bandai’s hands and provides us with the most definitive likeness of Stone Cold yet.


As with all figures in the Tamashii Nation line, articulation is perhaps its signature move with a whole wealth of movement across the entirety of the figure. Now this makes posing him a real nightmare – because you’re satisfied that you’ve got the right one for about 5 minutes and then you’re right back in trying to find another as the possibilities for this figure are incredible. I’m pretty damn sure that there are joints here that I won’t ever find no matter how hard I try as the range of dexterity is just something else.


Rarely, this actually extends to the accessories, namely the addition hand pieces which allow you to flip the bird in a way that only Stone Cold in the pre-PG era could! This is again another subtle piece of attention to detail which makes the price point seem all the more worth it as you do get a whole lot of bang for your buck on this one. Theres just so much you can do in terms of scene recreation allowing you to relive the iconic moments from his illustrious career as the WWE’s all time greatest superstar.


Finding a Tamashii Nation figure here in the UK in a physical retail space is tricky at the best of times and this means that nailing down a solid pricing can be tricky as you find yourself at the mercy at online price variations. As a rule of thumb we’ve found the WWE figures and Stone Cold in particular to be on sale for between £50 – £70 ($65 – $90) depending on the site. There are however a few excellent places that we’ve found which not only have the figure readily available but also at a fantastic price.


365Games have the figure retailing for £54.99 with free delivery but at the time of writing he is currently discount to just £41.24 which is such a great price for the wealth of features that you’re getting. Most 6″ inch figures ( I’m looking at you Black Series / Marvel Legends) retail for around £24.99 and come with 1 or 2 accessories so when you compare it like that you can see just how good value for money these figures from Bandai are. The only downside would be that some could argue that you could easily get 2 other figures in place of 1 Tamashii figure but then it all comes down to those added extra’s which for us really give it that edge.


Alternatively the figure is at a more stable price as Wrestling specialist platform Wrestling Shop for £55 which again is still a solid pricing when you compare that to the wild west of Ebay or Amazon.



Overall this has to be the definite 6″ Stone Cold Steve Austin figure on the market today with amazing articulation, smooth paint application and a solid sculpt all round. Its worth noting too, for the box concerned, that these WWE figure have a really slick and compact box design with a great viewing window which really ties the package together nicely. Its an area that more and more has become a place for manufacturers to add value when targeting series collectors as opposed to younger children who hurriedly open the box as soon as they can. We’ve seen this with Hasbro’s Black Series and we see it here too as Bandai have ensured that right from the get go the figure looks amazing on any shelf regardless of your collecting preference.

It’s the smaller attentions to details which really elevate this complete package to make this THE best Stone Cold figure around.

And that’s the bottom line… Because we said so!


Last modified: September 16, 2017

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