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Due to the fact that my colleagues spell “favorite” wrong (I guess I’m the foreigner on the site but who’s keeping score) I’m taking the liberty with this week’s “FRIDAY FAVOURITE” feature to share my favorite Darth Vader Funko Pop(s). It is Funko week after all, so as the resident Funko Funatic I couldn’t pass up this chance to show off what I consider to be my favorite Pops out of my 700+ Pop collection. Yeah, I really like pop vinyl.

Anyway, so as the title suggests I couldn’t just settle on one of the newer Darth Vader Funko Pops. In fact, due to how drastically his mold has changed since the first ever Vader Pop I have to include the three most recent iterations of this iconic murderer of Jedi children. I’m referring to the Vader with Lightsaber Smuggler’s Bounty Exclusive, and the two Rogue One Darth Vaders that released last fall. All three sport much improved sculpts for the Dark Lord of the Sith, who now looks much closer to the Vader we all know and love from the Star Wars films. They sport his shiny armor with appropriate painted in life support system lighting, and the Rogue One versions even have slight reddish toned eyes to match his appearance in A New Hope. These new Vader Pops just look and feel like the biggest sand hater in the galaxy, so I must applaud Funko’s attention to detail, which has become greater and greater since the first ever Pop launched back in 2010.

Out of these three Vaders I have to go with the GameStop Force Choke Exclusive version as my most favorite. This particular pose just embodies the character of Vader personally, not to mention he looks hilarious as a little fatheaded Pop reaching out and force choking whoever you point him towards. He’s great for pictures due to the emotions his sculpt elicits, so I’ve had great fun in setting up shots with this little angry fallen Jedi.

Second place is occupied by the Smuggler’s Bounty Exclusive version, which is styled after his pose in The Empire Strikes Back. In particular, it captures his plea to Luke about his true parentage, or at least that’s how I’ve interpreted it. He too makes for a great toy photography subject, because of his sculpted pose and included lightsaber. Pops with Lightsabers are some of the best, and this one is no different. He just looks intimidating and a bit majestic with it, so I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed shooting this version of Vader too. Although, he takes some creative head poses to break the look of his sculpt, but never the less he’s a joy to shoot and just generally have on display.

Finally, I can’t forget the standard Rogue One Vader, which again features this badass from a galaxy so far, far away in another true to form Vader pose. The whole hands on belt position just screams, “DON’T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT SAND,” so he really embodies the spirit of Darth Vader. He’s another great Pop to shoot due to his stoic, yet powerful pose, and he also looks great on display.

These really are the Holy Trinity of Darth Vader Funko Pops as we know it. The original Vaders — while true to Funko’s initial take on minimalism — just never embodied the essence of this character, but now with Funko’s new focus on more realistic sculpts and greater detail in general, we have the Vader Pops we dreamed of the moment we realized that these little pieces of vinyl would become essential in our collectibles hobby.

Feel free to head on down below to check out a few more shots of my favorite Funko Pop Vaders!

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Last modified: September 15, 2017

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