These are the droids you’re looking for! Never was a movie quote more fitting for an advertisement than in Sphero’s case.

Their first released droid, BB-8, gets two successors with R2-D2 and BB-9E. While the first  named droid is well-known, the second will celebrate its debut in the upcoming ‘The Last Jedi’.


Both new droids feature LED-lights in their domes and the ‘droid to droid’ feature allows interaction with other app-enabled droids.

The basic abilities are the same like we already got with BB-8 which means it’s possible to send them on patrol or let them show off some moves. All droids can be controlled within one application and the newest application upgrade gives also some extra moves.

In addition to the new upgrades R2 comes also with an internal speaker which allows him to give us some ‘Beeps and Boops’. This adds an extra portion of realism to the fan-favorite droid.

As you know the body of R2 is different from the other two droids which made it necessary to design a new drive for R2. Sphero managed to release a movie accurate droid which can go from bipod to tripod stances! A lot of nostalgic moments are incoming.

All three droids consist of high durable plastic and are coated with a scratch-resistant paint. Even some water isn’t a problem and the droids will keep rolling. Just take care about those Tusken Raiders.

Within the app you also have the possibility to play some holographic scenes which is a nice gimmick.

Instagrammer @atomic_galaxy provided the following pictures to give a first view outside of the official product images.

As you can see both drive modes are well-made and all details are on point.

The size comparison with Sphero’s BB-8 (goes also for BB-9E) shows that R2 seems to be a little bit out of scale but they still look great together.

The adorable tin can also provides a rotating dome and the lights are authentic. Both BB’s will have a hard stand against R2-D2 because people get with R2 the almost perfect companion.


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(Original imagery and information from Sphero Facebook and Sphero)

Special Thanks to Rhys (@atomic_galaxy) for the provided pictures and his submitted first impressions.

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