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We all have our ‘Grail’ figure. That must have piece that we’ve had our eye on since day one. That one figure that we look at in the stores and have saved on our eBay watch lists saying to ourselves “it will be mine, OH YES! It will be mine!” We have so many shots planned with THAT figure, if only we could gets our handses on it eh, precious?…

Well, a couple of months ago I finally got mine!


We all know that Hot Toys are up their with the creme de la creme of action figure manufactures, their attention to detail is the stuff of legend and their sculpts are a dream come true for any Toy Photographer. However when they released their A New Hope Chewbacca, some collectors weren’t so sure. His out-of-the-box look can be a little fuzzy, the fur on his face sometimes being matted. That said – I didn’t care! I always thought he looked amazing and when the opportunity arose for me to add him to my slowly growing 1/6th scale collection, how could I resist. But what was ‘futzing’ anyway?


When the gentleman who sold him to me from one of the Star Wars groups on Facebook, first used this word and showed me some images I have to admit I couldn’t really see a massive difference. When I got him out of the box and in front of the camera however I was totally blown away with how amazing and lifelike this little walking carpet (or should that be doormat?) is. The futzing done to Chewie’s face has made the hair straighter and much more akin to what we saw on screen from what my Dad still calls “that bloody wingeing bear!”.


This figure is incredible. As with all Hot Toys figures, along with the sculpt the articulation is superb making him such a joy to shoot I can’t even tell you!


Chewie was the most expensive figure I bought to date coming in at £160 (which I know was a steal by the way!) and was a long time coming to my collection, but he was certainly worth the wait. I can’t get enough of this guy – as anyone who follows me on Instagram will testify to – and can’t wait to pair him up with Captain Solo as soon as possible. Also I need some 1/6th scale Stormtroopers for my hairy friend here to wail on.

chewie run-1

In conclusion, what have we learned? Hot Toys are awesome. Chewbacca is bad ass. Futzing makes everything better. My Dad doesn’t understand Star Wars. And you can expect a lot more of Chewie on my Instagram feed in the future!

We’d love to know all about your favourite figure – who was your grail piece that you just had to have and had to shoot? Let us know by tagging your images on IG with #exclufridayfavorite and we might just be featuring your story on our site in the future.


Last modified: September 9, 2017

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