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We continue our ongoing collaboration with Tamashii Nations UK by getting hands on with another WWE SHFiguarts figure who is yet to be released here in the West – Kane. See how he stacks up to his brother of destruction and the wider SHF line in this comprehensive review and shoot by Mark Walker.

Shoot and review by Mark Walker



• 6″ Kane figure

• 3 total sets of hands

• 4 total head sculpts (including 1 original masked sculpt)

• 1 hood


SCULPT – 9/10

Strong, strong sculpt here, but then c’mon – its SHFiguarts! The facial sculpts to the four heads are superb and just give us photographers so many options (you have to love the inclusion of four heads! If Tamashii don’t have the toy photography community in mind with their figures I’ll eat my hat! …if I wore a hat. Quickly! Someone get me a hat! I won’t have to eat it, but I’m cold) One of my biggest disappointments with other lines (naming no names) is that they include just one head sculpt. If its a helmeted character then fair enough, but only having one facial expression can sometimes be a bind when setting up those dramatic shots with only a placid, resting face to work with. Non of that here! The classic masked head looks great, but the unmasked heads are where this figure shines. The facial expressions are so lifelike and offer a plethora of options for shooting this figure in some raw, aggressive poses.


The rest of the figure is nothing to sniff at either, with the buckles on the body and detail on the boots adding to the lifelike look.


My only gripe, and its a minor one, is that I personally would have preferred two of each head sculpt – two with the mask and two without.



Full marks! Top of the class! The paint application is exceptional on this figure. The attention to detail on both the heads and the body are 1/6th scale level fantastic, and when you consider this little chap stands at only seven(ish) inches tall its mind blowing. The first thing we as photographers tend to look at (be it consciously or not) are the eyes, and with this figure – as with all SHFiguarts figures – the detail and emotion conveyed in those tiny eyes speaks volumes. Macro lenses at the ready. Aim! And FIRE!


Ding Ding Ding! We have another winner! With some figures the articulation isn’t as important as some other aspects as the poses pulled don’t need to be particularly energetic. BB8 for example – lovely little bloke, but can’t be articulated for toffee! WWE superstars however require a little more dexterity. You want to be able to pull off the signature moves of these guys and SHF have got you covered. Double elbow and knee joints give you plenty of range for all the articulation you’ve come to expect and love from these figures with the added bonus of articulated palms! Small hinges at the knuckles allow for throat grabbing, choke slamming awesomeness! A very cool addition that I for one hope SHF continue with in the future.



As  Kane is yet to be released in western territories its difficult to get an exact price but we anticipate that he will retail for around the £50 mark in line with the previous entries such as Stone Cold and The Rock. As an opening market price this is very respectable when you weigh up what it actually is that you are getting in the box. You can find him already up on eBay from sellers in Eastern territories such as Taiwan but you’re looking at paying a lot more than the figure is worth here to get it early.

The scoring in this section reflects the anticipated retail price.



A great all round figure with plenty of scope for all your body slamming, bone crunching needs from The Devil’s favourite Demon. A lot of thought has definitely gone into the design of this along with all the WWE line with his superb articulation and facial sculpts. Yes, I mentioned I would have liked another masked head but I think thats mainly due to the fact thats that how I remember seeing Kane as a kid, but then I grew up watching The Big Boss Man, The Mounty and Doink the Clown duking it out so I think my style choices might be a little out dated. This is a must have figure if you’re a WWE fan, and no SHF wrestler collection should be without it!


P.S. Big Boss Man, The Mountyh and Doink the Clown next please! Oh! and Jake the Snake, The Ultimate Warrior and The British Bulldog too!



Last modified: September 6, 2017

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