Funko continue along their road to world dominance for better or worse by unveiling the latest characters joining the Speciality Series. The series is a great way to reward smaller independent retailers with an exclusive of their own and also helps to expand cult favourite licenses as is the case here.

Lets start with the Pop!

Pop! TV: Thundercats – Tygra


Finally we can finish our Thundercats line-up (minus the almost unobtainable SDCC exclusives) with this new Tygra pop complete with his trusty bola. Although personally I’m trying to move off my Pop collection this is one that we just can’t pass up!

Dorbz: Masters of the Universe: Orko

jpeg (1)

The main license to have benefitted from the Speciality Series is “Masters Of The Universe” with various characters including Man-At-Arms and now we arrive at the Orko Dorbz. Whilst still lacking the personality of the Pop! line , the Dorbz do the trick for some collectors out there and Im sure that MOTU collectors will want to get their hands on this as soon as they drop this December.

Original story from the Funko Blog

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