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“I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn’t very nice.” – Wolverine

Famous catchphrase from our all time favorite X-Men – Wolverine. Mezcotoyz has announced this as their Fall Exclusive for their One:12 Collective line. Fans of the character will rejoice as Mezcotoyz will release this figure in his iconic yellow and blue X-Men uniform. According to their blog, this figure is one of the most requested one for their One:12 Collective line.

 Like previous One:12 designs, we took Wolverine’s costume and mixed it with a bit of real world grittiness, creating a figure and costume that could face combat in the real world. This can be seen in the all-terrain design of his boots, and strong combat shoulder pads.

01 (1).jpg

02 (1)

The yellow and blue Wolverine will include two cowled head sculpts and one uncowled head-sculpt. He’ll also include the mask of Ogun, a trophy of one of his greatest foes. No other One 12 Wolverine figures has included these additional accessories yet.


The Wolverine figure will be available at their site for preorder next Wednesday, the 13th. As this is an exclusive release, this figure wiil only be available on their website or at their booth at NYCC at booth #1954, from October 5th to 8th. I’m definitely impressed with the unmasked head that comes with it.

03 (1).jpg

I feel that this yellow & blue Wolverine is definitely better than the yellow & brown one which was announced earlier. That figure was heavily panned by fans for the horrible looking trunks that he was wearing. What do you think?

Original images and story sourced from http://blog.mezcotoyz.com/

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