Today Hot Toys unveiled its latest 1.6th scale action figure masterpiece in the form of Anakin Skywalker as he appeared in Revenge of the Sith. You might have not loved the prequels, and possibly found Anakin to be a bit annoying and a huge whiner, but his figure is pretty damn spectacular looking regardless.

As you’ll see in the gallery below, Hot Toys has once again outdone itself with a Star Wars 1/6th scale action figure. It looks like a miniature Hayden Christensen, and is styled after Anakin before his fall to the Dark Side. Although, if I had one critique I’d say the pants are a bit light in color, but I’m sure Hot Toys has matched up with the exact costume, so I could just be forgetting what Anakin’s pants looked like.

The figure is set to ship sometime during the summer of 2018, but he is up for pre-order for $235 cool ones. He’ll ship with eight hands, a stand, the clothes you see him wearing, his blue lightsaber with LEDs, and Count Dooku’s lightsaber sans LEDs. Head on down below to check him out!

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(Original imagery and information from Sideshow Toys)

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