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Arif Wicaksono joins in with Justice League week with a full shoot focusing on Batman’s quest to unite the meta-humans of Earth in an attempt to form a first coming-together of the Justice League.


Hi my Name is Arif, I’m from Indonesia and I love Superheroes Movies and Toys. In the  Justice League weekly theme I wanted to tell a story about Batman who wants to find the other heroes to make a team to fight a powerful enemy.

After Bruce Wayne meet’s Amanda Waller, he gets given the information about another hero with special abilities. The first time he meets Barry Allen aka The Flash, he is truly happy and is in no doubt  at all about joining with Batman.


Bruce remembers he has an old friend – Oliver Quinn aka Green Arrow – who has special marksman abilities and also uses high tech gadgets like  Batman.After the death of Superman, many people lost their hope and always pray for Superman to return. In the good time’s, the Son of Kryptonite returns to fight along his team, the Justice League.


Together they fight powerful enemies and save the earth and the wider universe too!

I’m using the Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective line for the figures but they hail from different universe’s because Mezco has not yet released the Justice League Movies figures except Batman and Superman. The Flash and Green Arrow are in their classic Comic design but I’m still love them.


I hope Mezco Toyz will release the complete line-up of figures for the  Justice League movie. They have already shown the Aquaman Justice League prototype at SDCC 2017.


Thank you to the Exclu Collective team for giving me another opportunity to show off  my simple photography in this  Justice League weekly Theme. If you want to see more of my photo’s, please follow my Instagram account @arifwgeo. Thank you.

Arif last featured with us during DC week where he showed his ability to handle the titans of that universe so it was only natural that we asked him back for Justice League Week. A huge thank you goes out to Arif for taking the time and effort to work on this shoot so be sure to head over to his page for more of his latest work. For all things toys be sure to stay tuned to Exclu!

Last modified: August 26, 2017

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