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Jordan Tan is the next photographer to take on the seemingly ever popular Marvel Legends Black Panther figure with a full exclusive shoot of the King of Wakanda.


After a full on debate and contemplation, I finally decided to use my Marvel Legends from the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the Black Panther! Although I own many other Marvel figurines, I decided to use this figurine as it really brings emotions to the particular shot and great depth. Although they are simple shots I always strive to find the right point and time to take the right shot.


At the current moment, this MCU Black Panther Legends is definitely one of my top figurines to shoot with, it shares such amounts of detail such as the body sculpt, articulation, a great paint job and the excellent design. Although it has its flaws, I still certainly love this character and I feel that it brings us all in and draws our attention. It shall always be counted as a recommended figurine to purchase and use throughout your photography content.


For my first and original shot I had come up with a simple and sweet storyline, “Lurking through the blades of grass” was the theme I was aiming for. I had the Panther at a ready position at a striking stance, and after fifty-five shots with different angles, I had snapped the shot I had been aiming and searching for. I was a bit insecure about the area i shot this at, it was a large area of long grass behind several bushes and i was afraid of the snakes that ponder around! But after muddy feet and sweaty palms, i got the job done. Oh well, things i do for photography!


The Black Panther is an agile, fast, yet strong and wise character in the comics, the MCU, television shows and everywhere the Panther lays his foot on, the character creates feelings to the shot that we capture. For these few simple shots I decided to show the figurine of his capable stances in different areas such as rocky paths and dirty lanes, to show what the Panther can really do. I attempted several shots that brought the Panther’s true self and personally such as the unmasked shot, to show who he really is under the mask and to show who the warrior is.

In photography, you have to create a visual image of what you are looking for and never be afraid to take on the challenge. As a photographer, I like to edit my photos without any filters, i just tinker and fiddle around with certain elements such as exposure and shadows. it really adds effect to the shot.


I am still an amateur photographer but I always try to focus and explore the different aspects of photography to really grasp that right shot we need and aim for. Using the Panther was a difficult yet fun job to do because there is no limit to the creativity we use to created these images  with all and every figure we use and it was a challenge to decide on which certain elements we need to use to really draw people’s attention!

For all the beginners, get out there, place your figurine down, find and explore the areas. Take a deep breath and press that shutter button, because you never know what you can achieve.


I am very pleased to be working with Exclu and the team here today. Thank you Exclu, Jack and the Team for having me here! I am really honoured to be here today. Hopefully I can bring more content sooner or later!

A huge thank you to Jordan for sharing a fresh new look at the Marvel Legends Black Panther figure. To catch more of Jordan’s work be sure to catch his feed over on Instagram @theblabnonstop.

Last modified: August 16, 2017

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