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Its My Geek Box time again ladies and gents and July’s box didn’t disappoint! Chocked full of geeky goodies for Marvel, Video Game, and TMNT fans alike with a few curve balls thrown in there to keep you guessing. So like some demented game show contestant, whipped into a frenzy by a sociopathic host and a chanting studio audience, lets open the box. OPEN THE BOX!!!


Price Point – 10/10

I pay £17.49 a month for my subscription and have a three month rolling contract. The longer your contract, the less you pay. But as I always say, for that extra quid you have that quick get out should you loose your job, have to sell your worldly goods to pay for shoes and tins of own brand beans, and a subscription box (no matter how awesome it might be) slips down on your list of priorities. My Geek Box states thats each box will contain between four and seven items with a value of £40+RRP, this means you’re going to double your money every time with plenty of items almost reaching that price on their own. This month was certainly no exception to that rule as we look at…

Content 9/10

As always, the first thing we’ll look at is this month’s exclusive T-shirt. This month’s Tee is awesome and is up there with my favourites that I’ve received from MGB. We’re all fans of a band tour shirt. We’ve all been there outside after the gig having walked straight by the official merchandise stalls inside the venue to those guys stood in the rain with their slightly dodgy wears, exchanging £5 for a 100% unofficial T-Shirt (however we at Exclu would NEVER recommend you buy anything other than official products – and certainly not in the toy department!) Anyway, this shirt designed by Mark Bell is great. The images below speaks for themselves and if you’d like to comment at the end with what all the gig locations refer to you’ll win a prize (the prize is my respect, so don’t get too excited)  PRICE – £10

The Art Card in this month’s box tells the sad story of a lost pet (or should that be Son?…) His owner/father really wants him back and needs your help. If you do one good deed today, pick up the phone and call – after all the clocks ticking dude! PRICE – A Jose Canseco bat? Tell me… You didn’t pay money for this?! No Raph, and nor did I pay for this Art Card – its awesome, but isn’t really ‘worth’ anything. Dude.


A nice little Ironman keyring is next up. Nothing really needs saying about this one – everyone likes a cool keyring (or chain for my friends across the pond) and this is a nice little piece which now hangs proudly on my camera bag. You could argue that an Age of Ultron item is out of date, but Ironman is still Ironman, and he’s still cool whether he’s teamed up with Cap, fighting Cap, teamed up with Spider-man, or just trying to sleep with his Aunt. PRICE – £5


Next is that Gamer item I promised (so you can stop asking now!) Im not a big gamer but in my youth I did spend a lot of time playing Tekken 3 (information which some readers may wish to use to carbon date me) This is a cool comic book featuring all the characters I remember using to kick my mates heads in and gave me a nice little spike of nostalgia  PRICE – £3


Whatever you do, don’t put a drink down without a coaster. It will leave a ring. Seriously. What’s that you say? You’d love to use a coaster, but all you have to hand are the ones your Nan brought back from the seaside with photos of donkeys and misery on them? Well moan no more Geeks of the world! Rejoice in the face of this Big Bang Theory coaster featuring everyones favourite uber nerd, Sheldon Cooper. And lets face it, if theres anyone who would insist on you using a coater its Dr. Cooper. Bazinga. PRICE – £5


Have you seen Ted? Pretty funny right? Did you see Ted 2? No, me neither. Its on my Netflix watch list, but I’m too involved in catching up with Fargo (no spoilers please!) and re-watching Rick and Morty for the 10th time to watch it. The first movie had its moments though. On first viewing the sight of a hard drinking, foul mouthed teddy bear with the voice of Peter Griffin (sorry Seth, but it IS the same voice) was funny. I didnt watch it twice. to be honest the only bits I really remember are the scenes with Sam ‘Flash Gordon’ Jones, and the voice over by Patrick Stewart (the ending where he rants about Brandon Routh and Superman Returns is in my opinion the funniest line in the movie) Anyway, I’m here to review the box and its items so back on track. The talking bobble-head of Ted is a good looking little piece, the voice is clear and the quoted from the movie are clean enough so that if your Nan has come round with more coasters she won’t take offence. The only trouble I had with mine is that its a bit too sensitive, so every time anyone entered the room it would go into its full repertoire due to the vibrations of the door opening or closing. Having it in the car on the way to the studio was boarder line un-BEAR-able. Still, if you’re a fan of the movies you’ll love it. PRICE – £10

Sometimes when my MGB arrives, I have a sneaking suspicion of what one of the items might be. Some months the box is just the right size to fit a certain brand of POPular vinyl figure inside. This month I was right. As I opened the lid and saw the Guardians of the Galaxy logo I was excited straight away, and seeing the film’s goatee sporting planet in his Kurt Russell form staring back at me was the icing on the cake for this month’s box. This is a great Pop figure with some great detail and looks great amongst my growing collection (thanks to MGB!) . PRICE – £10

Theme N/A

MGB doesn’t go down the theme route, leaving that for their Mega Boxes which each month focus on a popular and current theme in pop culture (July’s box was Superheroes in reference to the release of Spider-Man Homecoming) Their focus in this box, as with all their boxes is Geekdom – in its purest form.

Overall 9/10

Each month I watch the counter tick down on the MGB website to when the boxes will be sent out like a kid waiting for Christmas and this month didn’t disappoint. Something I always like to point out is the rule that you can’t please everyone. OK, so the bobble-head wasn’t really for me, but I’m sure there is someone out there with it pride of place, it being from their favourite movie – and good luck to them! I salute you! For me this month’s winner has to be the Pop vinyl Ego figure. Another great month chocker block with geeky goodness.

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