Hot Toys unloaded a metric ton of new glamour shots for the upcoming Grand Moff Tarkin 1/6th scale figure, and the toy maker also revealed a new combo set that will feature Tarkin and a newly styled Episode IV Darth Vader.

First up, you have to check out the detailed shots of Tarkin, which are to die for. I mean my God has Hot Toys baked in some amazing detail into this sculpt! Look at his wrinkles! I also have to say that his accessories are fantastic too, well, for a Grand Moff. It’s not like he would ship with blasters and heavy weaponry. He’s getting multiple sets of hands, his chest pens (or whatever the hell they’re called), and his Death Star conference room pimp chair.

If the Tarkin glamour shots aren’t enough for you, then you should check out the newly revealed Tarkin and Vader combo set, which will get you a few more accessories for both characters. Mind you that the Vader is a brand new sculpt, so it’s not the old Episode IV Vader build. He has new gloves, LEDs, and his saber will also light up. Best of all, he’s getting his interrogation droid!

At this time pricing and release dates still aren’t available for either collectibles, so stay tuned for more information.

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(Original imagery and information from Hot Toys)

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