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Good friend of the platform and all round great guy Isaiah Takahashi was lucky enough to attend SDCC this year and was able to get his hands on the Jedi Master Luke / Training Rey Black Series 2-pack and here he shares his thoughts on Hasbro’s latest 6″ figures.


The Luke and Rey exclusive pack was a pleasant surprise announcement for those of us attending SDCC 2017. I knew I had to get my hands on them, and I was lucky enough to get the chance! These two are the first official The Last Jedi Black Series figures available so far. Let’s dive right in!


What’s in the box


  • 6-inch Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master)
  • Cloak


  • 6-inch Rey (Jedi Training)
  • Lightsaber
  • Staff
  • Blaster


In typical Black Series fashion, Rey comes with the standard number of accessories you would expect, lightsaber, blaster, and staff. The staff is the standout, with a new larger loop that allows you to sling it on her back. A huge upgrade from the original TFA Rey staff, and my favorite new accessory.

Luke on the other hand, only comes with his cloak. The overall shape is great, and the hood sits well on his head. It can be a little difficult to get it to sit on his shoulders, and takes a little patience to get just right. One interesting fact to take note of, he does have a lightsaber hook on his belt. One would assume he’ll get a later release with included lightsaber. Will it be blue or green? We shall see!


Luke – 10/10

Rey – 9/10

You don’t need to look any further than what Oldboy CTTS has recently done with these two to see that the facial sculpts are amazing! Luke in particular looks absolutely incredible, and Hasbro has done a great job capturing the likeness of Mark Hamill. Rey looks great with her new hairstyle and her robes are a step up from the previous TFA Rey. The rest of the figure sculpts are on par with what you would expect from Hasbro and there’s no complaining here.


TFA Black Series Rey for comparison

Paint Application

Luke – 8/10

Rey – 6/10

Here are where things start to get a little tricky. Let’s start with Rey. In comparing with the original TFA Rey, this new paint application is a huge upgrade. If I were grading only based on that, she would probably get a higher score. After seeing what Hasbro has planned for 2018 with their new digital facial application technology though, this Rey just doesn’t even come close! She still looks great, and any disappointment I might have is heavily outweighed by my excitement for what the team at Hasbro is doing in the future.

Luke gets a higher score here, not only because he doesn’t have a digital face painted version to compare to, but also because he simply just looks great. For some reason, Hasbro has seemed to have trouble in the past capturing the likeness of Mark Hamill, and while this version still isn’t perfect, it really is one of the best versions of Luke so far! The rest of the paint application is also about what you would expect from The Black Series. Nothing out of the ordinary and again no extra complaints here!



Luke – 7/10

Rey – 8/10

Rey again is a huge improvement over the original TFA Rey. Double jointed knees and improved robe placement allows for much more range of motion in her legs. Her arms are about the same and pretty much what you would expect from a Black Series figure these days. Her new hair sculpt does limit the amount she can turn her head or look up though.


Luke offers a little less mobility, mostly because of his sculpted robe. Very similar to what we saw with the Tusken Raiders. He looks great when he’s standing straight, but starts to get a little tricky when you want to pose him a little more dynamically. Not sure if we’ll be seeing Luke pulling off any crazy backflip aerobatic moves anytime soon, so for most simple poses he’ll be just fine.

Price Point – 10/10

At only $54 (tax included / £41 roughly), just a few dollars over what would be standard retail for two Black Series figures, this is a great deal! I still believe the Black Series in general is the best price to quality ratio of figures you can collect. Unfortunately, this pack is going for up to double that on Ebay, but that is a whole different topic of discussion. Keep an eye out on for a chance to score this exclusive pack this coming September. They should also be getting their own individual release soon!


Overall Design

Luke – 10/10

Rey – 10/10


I’m going to splurge and give these both 10/10! Being the first available The Last Jedi figures I just can’t help myself but be ecstatic about them! Old man Luke is just rad, and this is the best available version of Rey yet! If you have a chance to get this pack make sure you take it! With Force Friday and The Last Jedi quickly approaching it will be exciting to see what else Hasbro has in store for us. I have high hopes!

*44/50 = Average score of both figures in the 2-pack

A massive thank you to Isaiah for sharing his thoughts on one of the most sought after figures packs this side of SDCC alongside a full compliment of amazing photography. Be sure to check in with Isaiah over on Instagram where you can find him under the handle @blksrs for your Black Series fix.

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