Deadpool fans who also appreciate Funko’s Pop line will have an interesting collectible to mull over this fall thanks to the official reveal of the Walgreen’s exclusive Deadpool the Duck Funko Pop. This piece of vinyl features a mashup of Marvel’s Deadpool with what I assume to be Donald or Howard the Duck, and he does look pretty cool. It can’t be Daffy right? I don’t think he’s owned by Marvel or Disney, so I have to think it’s one of the two aforementioned water fowls.

If anything else at least it’s a unique looking Deadpool Pop, and not just another generic sculpt with a new paint scheme. Although, considering that he’s a Walgreen’s exclusive he’ll be hard to find and will probably have an inflated value on the black market, so adding him to your collection will depend on your love of Deadpool and ducks. He should hit stores and possibly online this September.

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(Original imagery and information from Funko)

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