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Its been a Funko heavy week when it comes to news over the last 7 days as the vinyl juggernaut has continued its push into every known license known to man with the introduction of Blade Runner Pop’s alongside the consolidation of lines we are used to seeing such as the Pop’s from the upcoming Justice League.


Not long ago Funko showed off the core line of Pop’s that made up its Justice League vinyl offering and it containing all the usual characters from Bats to Superman – and was, well, a bit bland. So that means the exclusives that were being held back are were the action is at right? Well not exactly…


“I don’t know about the rest of you, but the Justice League exclusive Funko Pops are kind of weak. Outside of Mera, they’re all just a Justice League member holding Mother Box. No interesting poses or different costumes, just a different colored Mother Box for each. Will I get them, probably, but that’s only because I have the Pop sickness and don’t know when to tell myself to just say NO. Otherwise, I’d probably skip out on these for my collection, which I may do anyway depending on the other toy lines competing for my limited funds.”


For such a big film I was hoping the core line would have our heroes in more action based poses but they were instead really white bland and so my hopes rested on the exclusives. Well here they are – and again its the same story of blandness – core characters standing holding a MotherBox when it could have been so much more.”


ICYMI – https://exclucollective.com/2017/08/01/funko-shows-off-exclusive-justice-leauge-pops/


The Speciality Series from Funko has been one of its most solid lines to date with a steady stream of fringe characters and licenses that really act as its core fan servicing line. The latest 2 additions are the perfect example as both Predator and TMNT get new additions.



“So far the Funko Specialty Series Pops have been quite solid. This masked Predator Pop is no difference. I think the sculpt is to die for, and he’ll make a nice addition to the already released unmasked Predator Pop. Plus, he isn’t technically an exclusive, so you can pick him up for retail without getting screwed by flippers.

The Dorbz on the other hand is just meh. At one time I thought I’d be a Dorbz kind of guy, but that time is long gone at this point. These pieces of vinyl just no longer do it for me.”

 – Matt 

Once again Funko has nailed at least the Pop in this Speciality wave as the Predator Pop really looks the business and that’s coming from someone who isn’t even a particular fan of the license. The Dorbz whilst not for me personally does do well to service the ever-present TMNT fandom”


ICYMI – https://exclucollective.com/2017/08/02/predator-with-mask-revealed-as-latest-funko-pop-specialty-series-offering/


With the return of the Blade Runner franchise set firmly in our sets it really was no surprise that Funko would have a slew of new Vinyl figures up its sleeve and so this week they shed some light on these new additions in both Pop and Dorbz form.

“I’ll be honest with you. I love the Blade Runner franchise, but these Pops are about as boring as it gets for static pieces of vinyl. Outside of Chase Sapper, the entire line is just mediocre looking at best. Decker may be the only worth Pop to pick up from this line, and that’s only for nostalgia sake.

And don’t even get me started on the Dorbz. Just reference my last opinion on them from above.”


I know from being in several Funko fan/collecting groups that there’s a growing sentiment that Funko are churning out more and more waves that have no real creative heart to them and this I think is one of those cases. Another basic and bland Chase Pop which continues to devalue the notion of a Chase variant and the rest of the wave sits firmly in the mediocre bracket – you need to be a really Blade Runner fan for these to have much appeal.”


ICYMI – https://exclucollective.com/2017/08/04/funko-shows-off-blade-runner-2049-pops-and-exclusive-star-wars-mystery-minis/



Star Wars Mystery Mini Exclusives.

Kotobukiya Justice League ArtFX+


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