Today Funko showed off a few new collectibles from its Pop, Dorbz, and Mystery Mini lines, which are all getting updated with characters from the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 sequel, and of course the classic Star Wars trilogy of films.

First up, Funko unveiled its new line of Blade Runner 2049 Pops and Dorbz. There will be seven Pops to collect, with one of them being a Chase variant of the Sapper character. There will also be five Dorbz, with one of them again being a Chase Sapper.

You can pre-order each of these now, and they should ship this October.

Funko also showed off the retailer exclusive Star Wars Mystery Minis. These will be featured at Hot Topic, GameStop, and Walmart. Each retailer will offer three exclusive Minis, all of which you can see below. These are blind boxes, so you’ll have to head out to those stores if you want the exclusives, and even then you’re not guaranteed to get one. I love all things Star Wars, but I may have to pass on this line from Funko, namely due to the blind box BS.

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(Original imagery and information from Funko)

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