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The Justice League is coming to cinemas soon and, of course, to our collections! Kotobukiya just unveiled their upcoming ArtFx+ series featuring DC’s superheroes. All statues are coming in 1/10th scale with magnetic feet to provide a solid stand on the magnetic base. As usual the sculpt and paint application is at an excellent level and matches the likeness of the actors to a decent standard.

Let’s take a closer look to each figure:


Wonder Woman:

Of course we start with the only female hero in the team! Coming with amazing details and her signature weapons Wonder Woman is probably one of the main statues which will be added to the shelves. The shipping date will be late December 2017 and the pre-order price is $79,99.



The next main character is obviously Ben Affleck’s interpretation of the caped crusader. Although his face is almost full covered by his mask one can instantly recognize the actor due to his mouth and chin part. The armor is much detailed and he comes in a great pose which shows his determination to protect Gotham City. As Wonder Woman the shipping date will be December 2017 with a price of $79,99.



Kotobukiya did an amazing job on Aquaman’s armor and weapon. So much details and every drop of paint seems to be at the right point. But although the whole body is painted at an high level it seems that they should have pay more attention to the headsculpt. Maybe the final version is slightly better but for now he seems to be a little bit emotionless. His release will be January 2018 with a price tag of $79.99.



With Cyborg we get also an excellent body sculpt but with the same issues that also Aquaman has. The metallic look of his body is really good and seems to be very realistic. The light in his chest is done very well but again the head is the weak point of the statue due to the same emotionless look.

The head sculpt is very good and the whole appearence would be better if the paint application on the face would be more detailed.

Cyborg is ready to crush your shelf in January 2018 and shares the same price $79.99.like his comrades.


The Flash:

Wow! The Flash looks great! His iconic suit, the pose and also the paint application is on top. Kotobukiya applied some weathering effects and a lot of structure on the red suit. Definitely one of the best statues in the team. Although he’s probably the fastest man on earth his estimated arrival will take until January 2018. Price is also$79.99.



Although he’s the strongest among the Justice League members his statue is probably the weakest release by Kotobukiya.

While the body sculpt and pose is really nice for displaying him the paint application seems to be too bright. This opinion could be caused due to personal taste but the most obvious fact about this statue: It’s not Henry Cavill.

If Kotobukiya manages to fix the issues on him I’m sure this statue will be much better. It has potential and as a fan of Koto’s craftsmanship I still have trust in them.

Until his release in December 2017 it’s still time to justify his price of $79.99.

As I already said I’m a huge fan of Kotobukiya and their ArtFx line. Their sculpting abilities are mostly awesome and give a lot of opportunities for photography and displaying them.

Personally I own a lot of their 1/10th scale Star Wars ArtFx statues and I have never had a reason to complain about the paint applications and sculpts.

With the announcement of the Justice League line I was very excited to see with what Kotobukiya will come up. Well, I’m mostly happy with the sculpts but to me it seems they could do better with some of the paint applications.

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(Original imagery and information from Kotous.com)

Last modified: August 2, 2017

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