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The first week after the dust of SDCC has settled brought a slow but steady stream of news from the toy industry including some new additions to the ever expanding Funko Pop line and yet another instant classic from Hot Toys.

TIE fighter Pop

Funko unveiled a new Star Wars Funko Pop Deluxe figure in the form of a TIE Pilot in a TIE Fighter. The Pop Deluxe line is a bit different than the larger Pops and standard Pops in that these collectibles feature a character and some sort of vehicle/beast. The two are fused as one in a permanent pose, so they’re different than the old Pop Rides line.



“I have to say that the first time I saw this Pop I figured it would be an exclusive, so I’m more than pleased that it’s a general release. I also have to admit that I seriously considered buying two of them to fully recreate the trench run scene from A New Hope, but I held off, mostly due to a very expensive SDCC.

I’m still not 100% sold on these Pop Deluxe figures, but considering all have been Star Wars related, the Force moves me to buy them all regardless of my passion or lack thereof.”Matt Heywood

I was never too interested in the Rides and again that trepidation has carried over to this new deluxe range especially with this one which Im struggling to get too excited about until I inevitably see someone combine two of these with the previously released Vader Tie Deluxe to recreate the trench scene and then Ill just have to snap it up” – Jack Sturman

ICYMI – https://exclucollective.com/2017/07/24/tie-pilot-with-tie-fighter-funko-pop-deluxe-revealed/

Death Star Gunner by Hot Toys

Hot Toys has released a massive batch of final product photos for its 1/6th scale Death Star Gunner figure from Star Wars: A New Hope. These are the dudes with the radical shaped helmets that push the lever on the Death Star to fire its kyber-crystal infused laser of death.


“Every time I see a new Hot Toys 1/6th scale figure I begin to question if I should give up my other collectible lines to dedicate all of my funds to these premium format figures. This thought process always accompanies a new Star Wars toy reveal, which we got this past week in the form of final product shots for the Death Star Gunner figure.

I mean he looks stunning to say the least, and as authentic as it gets. Hot Toys just sleighs this line of figures, and each Star Wars release is just as toy bonerish as the last. One day when I can curb my Funko Pop and Black Series habit I’ll get in on these Hot Toys gems.” – Matt Heywood

I dont know what the design lab for Hot Toys looks like but it must be damn near heaven if they are able to cook up instant classics such as this. Its effectively taking a very very minor character who appears in a few seconds of footage and turning him into an amazing looking 1/6th figure.” – Jack Sturman

ICYMI – https://exclucollective.com/2017/07/26/final-product-photos-for-hot-toys-16-scale-death-star-gunner-unveiled/

Spider-Man With Headphones Pop

Funko posted a shot of a new Spider-Man: Homecoming Pop that is joining the rest of the wave in September. This new Spidey Pop features the web-slinger in his yellow high school smarty pants jacket, as well as his headphones.


“Funko surprised Spider-Man fans this week with the reveal of a brand new Homecoming inspired Spider-Man Funko Pop. This new Pop will join the rest of the wave towards the end of August and features Peter in Stark’s Spidey suit while wearing his high school team jacket and headphones.

I think it’s a great sculpt, and one that I will surely add to my ever growing collection. I just love the color contrast and the accessories he is sporting. This Spidey Pop is definitely a must-have.” – Matt Heywood

Funko’s global dominance seems to really know no bounds at the moment as they have really upped their sculpts and paint application across the board and every time I see a recent Spider-Man Pop I notice it all the more as I wince at the thought of their original sculpt/paint work from a few years back” – Jack Sturman

ICYMI – https://exclucollective.com/2017/07/27/funko-adds-new-spidey-pop-to-the-spider-man-homecoming-wave/

Be sure to stay tuned to Exclu for all the latest from the Toy Industry including the latest news and review and exclusive photoshoots from the community.

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