Exclu Reacts


Hot off the heels of SDCC, the team from Oldboy CTTS have revealed their repaint of the just released SDCC Black Series exclusive Luke and Rey set from the “The Last Jedi”. Based on the pictures posted on their Facebook page, the sculpts are definitely there, it’s just that the paint job by Hasbro doesn’t do them any immediate justice.


This is what the Oldboy team have to say on their Facebook page :-

Pre-orders will be available in early-mid August. This along with all future works from now on will all be limited to one batch productions so don’t miss out. We hope our hard-core fans don’t wait until you get the figures to pre-order from us, or you might miss the chance.

I really love the paint job on Rey, she definitely looks much more beautiful now and resembles Daisy Ridley more.  The Exclu team are thoroughly impressed with the work carried out here and put forward a small suggestion to add some further highlights to Luke’s beard which is being acted on!

Pricing wise, the heads are gonna cost $32 each. To order them, head on over to Oldboy CTTS’ Facebook page. They will be announcing the pre-orders in early or mid August.


Photos are courtesy of Oldboy CTTS from their Facebook page. 



Tham Ying Keet is a Customer Service Manager in a local bank in Malaysia. When he is not counting cash in his office, he can be seen taking pictures of his toys in his man cave. It’s therapeutic according to him, citing Toy Photography as a means of relaxation from his stressful job. When he’s not taking pictures of his toys, you can find him in the local cinemas catching up on the latest Hollywood blockbusters. He is a geek after all.


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