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June’s WOTM winner Jamie Curran shines a light on the star of his winning photograph which just so happens to be his favourite figure from his collection and he does this via a comprehensive new shoot.


Choosing my favourite figure has been quite challenging for me. I love all of the figures that I have, so to pick one definitive favourite out of them all is hard! They all have some background behind them, whether it was the first one that I bought, or the first figure that my girlfriend bought me, so a single favourite is difficult to choose as they are all great! I would not have bought or wanted them otherwise!


After a long debate, I decided to use my Marvel Legends Black Panther figure for this. It is definitely one of the best I have due to its detail, colouring and of course he is my favourite character from Marvel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I don’t really use a lot of effects when editing my shots, however after seeing’s shot for Exclu, I really wanted to explore a theme of black and white, and having Black Panther at the centre of this was just perfect.


The first image that I took was of Black Panther about to take off his helmet. I tried to position his hands above his head, exactly like when he took off his helmet in Civil War. In that, you could see he removes the helmet very carefully, making a more dramatic reveal to his identity.


These next two images show Black Panther in his home environment of Wakanda. He blends in with his surroundings and his enemies would not see him coming. That is one thing I like about this new Black Panther costume. It is so simple and smooth, and it looks stunning on screen and the figure captures it well. Personally I really like the shot of him on the tree. Panthers are known to stalk their prey from above and use tree braches to move silently through the jungle. This is what Black Panther is all about. A stealth warrior that waits for the right moment to pounce.

The next two images are somewhat a portrayal of devastation towards Black Panther. Having him look down to the ground captures fear that he has. Feeling as though the battle has been lost or that he is struggling to fight back.


Another thing I like about the figure is the removable mask. I know I do not show his real face in my shots, however being able to take a photo of his mask really captures the level of detail that has gone into this figure.


I will very quickly say one bad thing that I do not like about this figure and that is the movement of his arms. The joints do make it hard for him to stand up straight with his arms in a natural position, hopefully when the movie comes out next year, another one should be released having fixed that problem!

Overall I love having this figure in my collection. It took me quite a long time to track it down and when I finally did, it was worth the wait. Shooting this figure has been excellent and adding in the black and white effect has only made the images better.

A massive thank you goes out to Jamie for taking the time to share these incredible shots of his favourite figure from his collection! You can catch more of his work over on Instagram at the handle @t.o.y_r.o.o.m and for the very latest from the community stay tuned to Exclu.

Last modified: July 27, 2017

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