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Hot Toys has released a massive batch of final product photos for its 1/6th scale Death Star Gunner figure from Star Wars: A New Hope. These are the dudes with the radical shaped helmets that push the lever on the Death Star to fire its kyber-crystal infused laser of death.

As usual Hot Toys has brought an insane amount of realism to this figure, and if I didn’t tell you it was a figure you would probably mistake it for an actor donning the Death Star Gunner costume. This thing is highly detailed, has soft goods and accessories, and just looks like a sleek badass even though he’s a little wuss that just sits behind a control board and does what he is told.

You can check out additional shots of the Gunner below. He’s not up for order yet, but keep Sideshow bookmarked for his inevitable launch.


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(Original imagery and information from Hot Toys)

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Last modified: July 26, 2017

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