Collector Spotlight



Each week we’ll be shining a light on peoples personal toy collections from across the community and the Exclu team to share our experiences and passion for all things popular culture.

We begin by taking a closer look at my very own collection which spans everything from Star Wars to the Simpsons and you’d win no extra points by pointing out that Im somewhat of a bounty hunter fan… So check it out and be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


Alongside the Bounty Hunter’s which are my main focus I do also collect various other Star Wars characters and I never confine my collections to lines but rather characters and themes such as the various Troopers on offer.

Another collection thats continued to grow over the past year is my shared Simpson’s collection where the emphasis is really on the stylised vinyl figures from KidRobot with the grail here having to be the Jade Homer Buddha which went on sale for just 1 day and thanks to my Exclu team mate Spencer I was able to secure it here in the UK!


The most expansive figure line that I do have in my collection is that from Funko and their Pop Vinyl line and the current count sits at 109 after cutting back in recent months to focus on the rarer characters or complete sets. ( You can check the full collection at my personal Pop Price Guide)

My collection also includes a wealth of comics and graphic novels including my growing Watchmen collection including one of my Pop Vinyl Grails : Dr Manhattan and every issue of Before Watchmen. Im also trying not to get too hooked on Marvel Legends but thats like trying to stop the sun from rising every day at the moment especially with the Homecoming and Netflix figures eluding me…

Well thats a quick round-up of my personal collection and it doesnt stop here as we’d love to see your collections. You can use the hashtag #exclucollections over on Instagram and we’ll feature your collections right here on Exclu each week.

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