We have fresh images of some of the characters from the Justice League line-up directly from the Sideshow site which you can check out below :


Hot Toys are back at it again with yet another tease and this time it falls to the Justice League to carry it. The full line-up is seemingly imminent including The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, 2 variations of Batman and most interestingly, Superman in what appears to be a very similar outfit to the one donned in BVS. His return to the DCEU is perhaps the worst kept secret so its no surprise to see him in this line-up.

The full tease from Hot Toys Facebook page follows : 

Unite the League!

The team of people with special abilities is coming together! Are you ready to meet the League?

Prepare yourself for this new epic line-up from Hot Toys!


We’ll have all the latest straight out of SDCC all week long so stayed tuned to Exclu for more from the biggest popular culture event of the year.

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