Today Hot Toys gave us a first preview of the ‘God of Thunder’ in his gladiator look, which will be featured in the upcoming Marvel Studios production Thor: Ragnarok.

What could be in the box?

  • 1/6th scale movie masterpiece body and face
  • New sculpted face with the new short haircut
  • Shield and Thor’s hammer
  • Blue and red armor with red cape made of soft goods
  • Winged gladiator helmet
  • Hidden elbow joints

With the preview came a lot of rumors and expectations if Hot Toys would also give us a preview of Hulk in his gladiator outfit.

Certainly we’ll see Hela from the same movie and maybe a new version of Loki.

It seems that Hot Toys is revealing more and more figures this week due to the beginning of this year’s SDCC (20. July 2017 – 23. July 2017) in an effort to fire up collectors worldwide.

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(Original imagery and information from Hot Toys Facebook)

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