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Its the first Week In Review from the Exclu team as we look back at the top stories from the past 7 days with insights into our thoughts on each of them alongside a full re-cap incase you missed any of the key announcements.

Leia Gentle Giant

With the untimely passing of Carrie Fisher late last year we’ve seen an increase in figures and collectibles such as this release from Giant Gentle which also ties into the first Star Wars’s 40th Anniversary.


“While not the coolest looking collectible, this Princess Leia statue is definitely full of nostalgia. It is a great call back to one of the more iconic moments in Star Wars history, and considering the unfortunate passing of Carrie Fisher last year, it’s a timely collectible.”Matt Heywood

Although an impressive looking figure by any-ones standards it does appear to lack some detailing especially in the facial sculpt but I guess Ill have to put that down to the figure representing the Hologram rather than Princess Leia in raw form. In a world that is so chocked full of premium models it will be interesting to see how this more widely received.” – Jack Sturman

ICYMI – https://exclucollective.com/2017/07/10/gentle-giant-shows-off-holographic-princess-leia-sdcc-17-exclusive-figure/

Sideshow Star Wars Stormtrooper Tease

Sideshow aren’t letting their Tease-gun let up these last few weeks as we count down the days to this years SDCC and it was the turn of the Premium Format Stormtrooper to be teased this week.


“I’m not really sure what Sideshow could do to make a Stormtrooper collectible standout. Unless it’s from the Han Solo movie, or a stylized take on the character, I’m just not sure I care about this tease.” – Matt Heywood

With information as light on the ground as it is with this figure theres really very little to go-on. I have to agree with Matt that Im not sure how you make a standard character into a special premium format but hopefully Sideshow will pull a fast one and fool us both” – Jack Sturman

ICYMI – https://exclucollective.com/2017/07/10/sideshow-set-to-reveal-a-premium-star-wars-stormtrooper-figure-at-sdcc/


Funko Pop collectibles platform Pop In A Box this week announced their very first Pop Vinyl and Dorbz exclusive in the form of a Deadpool/Venom mash-up that you can catch below.


“At first I wasn’t sure about this mashup Pop, but after checking out the glamour shot I’m a fan and signed up for the pre-order. The Dorbz on the other hand is an easy pass for me as I no longer collect, or even appreciate this line.” – Matt Heywood

I knew this pop was coming but I had hoped that they’d push the boat out a bit further with the design of the figure especially considering they already have the bulky new Venom mold that released a few months back at Hot Topic so I think Ill be passing on this one!” – Jack Sturman

ICYMI – https://exclucollective.com/2017/07/12/deadpoolvenom-exclusive-funko-pop-and-dorbz-revealed-as-piab-exclusives/

Be sure to stay tuned to Exclu for all the latest from the Toy Industry including the latest news and review and exclusive photoshoots from the community.

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