Pop In A Box has unveiled its first ever Funko exclusives to the collectibles world today, and both the Pop and Dorbz look pretty freaking rad. They’re both a Deadpool/Venom hybrid character, which features halves of both iconic Marvel characters fused into one. The Deadpool side sports his classic red costume and blade, while the Venom side features the characters black and white color scheme along with one of his clawed hands.

I have to say that the Funko Pop is pretty gnarly and definitely the better buy out of the two, but if you’re a Dorbz collector you won’t be disappointed either. That line just lacks any sort of unique sculpting due to the simplicity of their design, so there’s not much you can do for Dorbz outside of crazy paint schemes.

Both of these are available to pre-order directly from Pop In A Box, so you can head over to their store to get your’s reserved today. They should ship this September.

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(Original imagery and information from PIAB)

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