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The Mafex Suicide Squad Deadshot


Hot on the heels of SH Figurarts, Mafex has just released their version of the Suicide Squad movie Deadshot. We at Exclu would like to give you some insight into this fantastic figure.  

Collectors from Hong Kong have been very lucky to have this figure arriving at their shores first. I happened to come across pictures of this figure over at Facebook and reached out to the person who posted them – Hercules Chung. Chung is a fan of the Mafex figures and has quite an extensive collection of figures based on the DC Extended Universe. He is also a member of a public Facebook group called Medicom Mafex Figure Collectors.

Now my first question to Chung was are there any loose joints on the figure? Figures from the Mafex line was notoriously known for loose joints especially on the legs. I would call them wobbly legs! I have several figures from Mafex such as The Return Of The Jedi Boba Fett and also Batman from the BatmanVSuperman movie which had this issue. As I don’t have the figure yet, I asked Hercules to also share his thoughts on it.

Here’s what Hercules has to say :

“The joints on this figure are pretty tight, in fact all the figures from the Suicide Squad line don’t have this issue. 

The head is different from the SH Figurarts, in some way the likeness to Will Smith is not as good as the one from SH Figurarts but I think the face expression is better than better than the SHF. The SH Figurarts one looks dull.”




The details of the figure is far better than the one from SH Figurarts. All the wordings on his suit are well printed. In some ways it makes me feel like playing with a ‘mini’ Hot Toys figure!


It has all the accessories that I need for Deadshot, 4 guns, 1 knife and different hands to hold them. The SH Figurarts Deadshot only comes with his rifle and two sets of alternate hands.



The height of the figure is a bit disappointing. If you saw my photo, I have one that shows all the figures in the DC Extended Universe, Deadshot is the tallest but in real life I think Ben Affleck is taller than Will Smith.



If you have to choose between the SH Figurarts and the Mafex Deadshot, my opinion is to get the Mafex one especially when the price of Mafex is cheaper than SH Figurarts (in Hong Kong the SH Figurarts is HKD450 while the Mafex is HKD389).


So there you have it guys, based on Hercules Chung’s review, my money’s going to Mafex for it’s version of the DCEU Deadshot. I love that Mafex has included several weapons and five pairs of alternate hands with this figure. The paint application looks fantastic on this figure. We are definitely getting our money’s worth with it.

“You want something, go get it. Period” – Will Smith 

Yes guys I am definitely getting it! I highly recommend this figure and I will be shooting a lot of pictures of this bad boy when I get my hands on him. I want to say a big thank you to Hercules Chung for sharing his thoughts and pictures of this figure.

Original images courtesy of Hercules Chung.





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  1. Yo soy un coleccionista que disfruto del trabajo de varias compañías que crean figuras de acción de escala 6,7,8 pulgadas. mi opinión con deadshot de Mafex es lo mejor que e visto en accesorios articulación y pintado, me gusta hacer animaciones de Stop motion con mis figuras y para mi ese Deadshot de mafex es una compra obligada. me gustaron las imágenes de la figura y gracias por compararlo con la de S.H.Figuart que se ve que el de Mafex es superior.Saludos desde Honduras.


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