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Hey Everyone!

We have some exciting things to talk about this coming Monday but I wanted to give a small tease here as to the shake-up that will be taking place.

We’re looking for numerous community free-lance creatives to help create a more accessible and active Exclu platform by becoming more involved in the creative direction and content creation. We’re focusing on 4 key areas that will enable Exclu to connect and interact to the wider Toy community and we’ll talk more about that on Monday.

For now Im simply casting out to see if anyone is interested in any of the below free-lance positions that we have available going forward on several new teams :

New’s and Previews

News Reporter (x3)
News Director/Editor
Assistant News Editor


Senior Reviewer (x1)
Review Director/Editor

If you’d be interested in learning more about the voluntary roles and joining the Exclu creative team then simply reach out to me – – with a few reasons why you’d fit the role and the experience that you have whether that be previous article contributions or imagery.

Cheers guys!

Director and Editor

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