Word Of The Month


This month we tasked the community to show us their interpretations of our theme word “MERCY”  alongside our sponsor the for the month ToyThug and you’ve done just that. Check out this months 3 finalists!!

We have selected our final 3 from the pool of entries and now its your turn to vote for the image that you believe is our Image of The Month for May ’17. Check out the entries below and simply leave a comment to let us know your choice.







“I always love Darth Maul as a Villain, but I think he should not be killed in the movie. It will be awesome if he could join the Jedi. That’s how I got the idea to create this photo. I used the light painting method for the lighting, and Death Star panel diorama for the background. Lightsabers and lens flare added later in Photoshop. “


“The Nature Of Mercy”


“Inspired by the phrase, “we are at the mercy of nature.” An interesting thought considering nature doesn’t know wrong or right— there is just cause and effect. Sentient beings, on the other hand, have the choice to love rather than harm. So the nature of mercy is love unforced—given freely without restraint. “

Let us know your choice below!

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