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Brendan Elkins joins the Black Series celebration as we see out the week with an exclusive Trooper themed shoot with a pinch of Boba thrown in the for good measure. Another shoot that again shows the versatility of the range and how their 6″ nature really allows for a whole range of scenarios and genres to be incorporated.

Exclusive Black Series Shoot by @sixinchpics

On my Instagram page, I shoot mostly black series for a number of reasons. They are fantastic figures first of all, they are a good scale (six inches), have good articulation, and are very photogenic along with being affordable. On this exclusive shoot I did of these black series figures, I really focused on bringing out the detail in these figures and showing their photographic potential.

IMG_9679 (1)

Perhaps my favorite shot from this shoot was the Boba in the grass shot. I shoot with a macro lens which focuses on bringing out detail, and Posed, and shot. I got up close, focused in and took the picture, and it came out beautifully. For the sunset shot, I went with a more realistic patrol setting, doing my best to hide the toy joints and put them in good poses, which was really easy, because, like I said the articulation is great.

I laid in the grass and snapped a couple photos. After that, I decided to use some of the most underrated and underused figures, the shock trooper clone and the green clone. In my opinion, the clone troopers of order 66 four pack holds the best figures in the entire line, and they are quite nice. So, I decided to set them up in a nice pose, similar to an actual clone trooper, and snap a shot in portrait mode to bring out the true beauty in those figures.


Shooting black series is very fun, especially for star wars fans all around. I have always been a star wars fan and I wanted to see more of the gritty war feel we never get to see in the movies, and my photography lets me do that. Again, a huge thanks to the exclu collective team for featuring me here and happy shooting!


We say a huge thank you to Brendan for taking the time and effort to create this shoot and compile all the information to help us in our celebration of the Black Series line. Be sure to catch all of Brendan’s work on Instagram @sixinchpics and be sure as ever to leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

Last modified: May 14, 2017

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