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We continue our collaboration with Tenacious Toys into Guardians week by taking a look at the Funko Speciality Series Cosmo Dorbz shedding a light on one of the under-appreciated lines that Funko currently produces.


As we have previously touched upon on within The Rise Of Vinyl and our coverage of the Batgirl Pop, Funko are experiencing an unprecedented period of popularity and market dominance within the art toy community. Most people are aware of the Pop Vinyl bobbleheads but not all are aware of some of their sub-lines such as the Dorbz line of static vinyl figures.


Marketed in very much the same way as the pop’s, Dorbz are highly collectibles and you can often find characters that span both lines as in the case with Cosmo from Guardians of the Galaxy. Unlike the pop’s however , Dorbz are static meaning they have no bobble functionality and are smaller in size and thus sit at a lower price point at launch than a pop. However, for some reason or other they are quite in the mainstream league alongside their older brother Pop despite regular additions to the line and special edition variants as is the case here.

Cosmo has fantastic sculpting and I think that is often an area where pops and Dorbz differ as Dorbz very often represent human characters and are such very devoid of external detailing due to their smooth stylised form. The more popular Dorbz are those that do have this additional detailing and this is the case with Cosmo with the cosmonaut helmet giving that extra piece of quality that makes the figure that bit more attractive to collectors.

Ultimately I don’t think anything comes close to the mass popularity and appeal that Pop’s have but I do think that the Dorbz line does deserve some more attention especially those extra special entries like Cosmo for their more stylised form and they have that charming look about them making them a great addition to any collection. I’m particularly excited to see the upcoming Star Wars line launching at the end of the year in line with the Last Jedi so keep an eye peeled for those.


To get your hands on your very own Cosmo Dorbz for a really spot on price point , head right here or to see their full line of Dorbz and Funko Pop simply browse the full site www.tenacioustoys.com .

Screenshot 2017-03-28 20.39.21

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