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At the beginning of January with partnered with @starwarsdaily to set a special Star Wars themed challenge based around the phrase ” Rebel Scum ” we have whittled down the list to 3 finalists and selected our winner…

We start with the first of our runners-up :

3rd Place

“How well does it pay?” – Zadok Roth @scaled_multiverse

“I didn’t really have a name for this shot outside of the Rebel Scum theme. The caption is “How well does it pay?” I went with a western feel imagining Han meeting someone for a proposition.”


2nd Place

“Jyn Said I had To” – Matt Heywood @heywoodpop

“Rebel programming or not, K2 knows Rebel Scum when he sees one”


 And in 1st place…

“Waiting For Hope To Grow ” – Jay B Matthews @obligatorystormtrooper

“I captioned/titled this photo “Waiting for Hope to grow”. This photo was initially inspired by the #excluisolation challenge, but I am thrilled to be selected as a finalist for #exclurebelscum”


A huge congratulations to Jay for his winning entry in our competition by portraying the original rebel who never gave up hope in his long isolation watching over the son of Skywalker. Thank you to all who entered the comp and to our 2 amazing runners up. Stay tuned for more opportunities to compete in community challenges over the coming weeks.

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