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One of the founding principles of Exclu was to enhance a community of incredible photographers through collaborations and this extends to continuing the working relationship with the many various individuals once that particular project has concluded and as such we have caught up with Marcus Excell who first featured with us back in Issue 1 in September ’16. Here’s what he’s had to say…

daredevil-runs-in-the-nightCatching up with Marcus

“I think I have grown a lot this past year. Every month I’ve tried to introduce a new skill to my bag of tricks. I’ve learned a lot about long exposure shots. Since it got darker earlier in winter, I wanted to practice shooting in low light situations. It would get dark outside after my shift at work, so I’d take some shots in the city where there is various light sources. This exercises my eye for improvisation and shooting in low light.

Ironman and rigby chase_edited.jpg

I’ve worked a lot with my dog lately. Shooting with my dog allowed me to exercise my chops for action photography with REAL subjects. My dog, Rigby is very energetic and unpredictable. This combination makes a great challenge when trying to capture a moment. I believe this is necessary in order to grow as a well-rounded photographer.


Another skill I feel myself growing in is the after effects I apply to a shot. Applying the right colours and tones can make all the difference in making a great shot, that much more epic! I also focused more on the quality of my special effects. Not only do I try to make my lights and glow effects look good, but I also try to take it a step further by shining practical lights in certain spots to make the effects feel more realistic.

vader in the jungle_edited.jpg

Challenging your self and doing something out of your comfort zone is where growth starts. I believe exposing yourself to various shooting environments and resources allow your to achieve your creative vision. ” – Marcus Excell @mexcell90


Marcus Excell in Issue 1 : 

Its our continued goal to keep collaborating and supporting as many photographers as we possibly can and this is just once such case where we are able to bring you an update from a previously featured photographer. To check out the full Issue 1 feature from Marcus simply click here and catch up on our debut Issue from September. As ever leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts on Marcus’s incredible photography.

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